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Nepal, the landlocked country, the land of Himalaya, the land of Buddha, the land that is great blends of antique beauty andmonastrey; with so many geographical and cultural diversities. Nepal has bordered by Tibet to the north and India to the south, east and west. For a small territory, the Nepali landscape is unusually diverse, ranging from the humid Teri in the south to the lofty Himalayas in the north. Nepal boasts eight of the world's top ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest on the border in China. Nepal is the country that can offer almost anything a traveler wants to explore and experience, whether it is significant palaces, cultural heritage sites, majestic temples and monasteries, eye-catching natural beauty, traditional market places and streets, frozen mountains valleys, snow capped peaks, Mountain Rivers, and even a spiritual search for you. However, Nepal has its own wonderful culture and tradition of present and past. No dough to say, Nepal is the land of magnet for trekkers, mountaineers and adventure seekers from around the world. The experience of traveling through this aged land is beyond description. Travelling to Nepal will be one of the most delightful experiences of your life time.

The origin name of the Nepal is derived from the Nepal Bhasa, which is the language of Newars and has its origin to the fact that capital city of Nepal Kathmandu Valley used to be called Nepa, the term that is still used by Newars. Old age People of countryside still said Nepal for Kathmandu. The immaculate beauty and superiority of the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu Valley, saunter through the different creative architectures, meditation in the Monasteries (Gumba) of Nepal, feel the quiet and coolness of the high snow-capped Himalayas, get your adrenalin kicks from some of the world’s premier whitewater rafting, kayaking and mountain biking, the sight of your first tiger and rhino through an Elephant safari in Chitawan National Park. Nepal will leave countless impressions for visitors and they are free to experience this religiously, traditionally, culturally diverse land, representative as a Museum of Live Culture and nature diverse. Our custom is alive and dynamic. Shamanism, Pan-animism & Witch-craft is still practiced in remote countryside. Temples, shrines, monuments and monasteries are extremely active with devotees, burning incense from Himalaya, lit butter-lamps, singing hymns, chiming temple bells and playing drums to be close to Good and spiritual power. While you explore magnificent Himalayan views, antique monuments, temples, fort and feel the nature as on your lap. Feel the adventure of trekking to the mountain, taste the hospitality of remote villages, and try to explore the scenic splendor.

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