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Honey Hunting Trip in Nepal

Honey hunting is a frequent activity of the indigenous Gurung community in Bhujung and Pasgaon, located in the midwest of Nepal. On this tour you’ll have a chance to learn about their traditions and customs. These trips will give you the opportunity to sample traditions and culture since, from honey hunting, they are able to make a livelihood.

Honey hunting is an ancestral job and still continues in many remote villages of Nepal using their indigenous knowledge. A large section of travelers are increasingly showing their interest in honey hunting thereby ensuring staple sources of local revenue generation. Besides Ghalegoan Bhujung, the whole of Annapurna region has become for honey hunting. However, only a few lucky tourist can get chance to observe honey hunting on spot while traveling along the trekking route. So why not join our tour? There are innumerable bee nests to be found in the inner and outer rings of different trekking areas which, if professionally, scientifically, and technically managed, will be able to provide an enormous potential for promoting honey hunting. Honey hunting, defined as the collection of honey from the nests of wild bees built on steep cliffs, is an age-old traditional method.

Local honey hunters show their exceptional skills by hanging themselves from cliffs as high as 200/ 300 meters using Bamboo ladders and hemp ropes, while harvesting the honeycombs easily. Everybody is thrilled to watching honey hunters work. Nepal Mother House Treks organize this kind of Honey Hunting Tour in part with combination with a trek. This can be a camping trek or homestay trek which includes a Honey hunting trip. Come along on this trip and explore local traditions and Gurung culture in Nepal. Don't forget your camera!

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Client Reviews

Tom Beavers, Seattle, WA (USA)

Karna, thank you so much for another wonderful trek. This is my 3rd trek with you - the first being the Annapurna Circuit and then a tour of the Everest region, starting at Jiri and then trekking up to Gokyo, going over Cho La, up to Kala Pattar and then up the Chukhung valley. I continue to learn so much about Nepal from you, Continue

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